A website for transsexual Dogboys who bite

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You can call me Butch or Barks! I avoid using my real name online, so don't ask for it. My pronouns are He/Hymn|Him/His and It/It's. I am a transsexual man living in Seattle, WA and I am active in both the gay and lesbian scenes here. I am curently a waiter and bartender and I have perviously worked as a bouncer.


This website was built to honnor the oldweb and fight against web3, large platforms, big social media sites, and the cencorship/capitalization of the internet. Fuck Twitter, Fuck Instagram, Fuck Google, Fuck Elon Musk, and Fuck Capitalism.

This Website is also here to share art, recourses, solidarity, love, magic, fandom, and doggies.

Bark: Updates
  • Updated Homepage/index, archived old homepage
  • Updated the FTM info Page!
  • Applied to dykewrite webring
  • Joined Transmasculine Webring
  • Joined Bisexualism webring